Red Cell - Agent Green - RELEASED!

That's it, it's finally ready!

The first public version of Red Cell - Agent Green is version 0.4.3, and it packs quite a punch!

I wish we'd have more in there, but I wanted to get it to the public as quickly as possible, and our leaderboards solution provider finally came through, allowing us to publish early.

So how does one go about playing this game?


  • You push the bits towards the 'Cell' (that outward ring closing on you).
  • This feeds the Cell, which makes it grow (and you get to survive a bit longer)
  • If bosses show up, feed them too, they don't like it!
  • Rinse and repeat

In the current mode, it is possible to beat the game (there are only 3 bosses) but in the future, we'll add an 'endless mode'.

You can try to finish the game as quickly as possible (speedrun leaderboard) or survive for as long as possible (survival leaderboard).

To push enemies, you can dash (spacebar, or button 1 on a gamepad) but careful, it takes some practice before you stop killing yourself by accident ;)

You can also pickup two different power-ups right now:

  • The Shield (blue crystal): It makes you survive one 'lethal' hit (be it the Cell, or later bits). If you pick more than one Shields, you'll notice you have a few more abilities, but I won't spoil them here.
  • The Purple Crystal: it feeds the Cell!

I went ahead and played a few games to get some scores on there, hoping to see who'll beat me ;)

Now go feed the Cell!


Red Cell - Agent Green (0.4.3) 20 MB
Mar 09, 2018

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